Puns about Education (Math) - page 3

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21. Some mathematicians are reluctant to cosine a loan.
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kn - st paul, mn
22. The best place for a mathematician is behind a counter.
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egostate - Derby,UK
23. Two mathematicians arguing about even numbers were at odds.
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24. The math teacher was a good dancer - he had algorithm.
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Abhit - Knoxville, TN
25. The mathematician worked at home because he only functioned in his domain.
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punk - Canada
26. Math class is full of drama. There are so many problems to work out.
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Math Pun - United States
27. With negative numbers, some math students become nonplussed.
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28. The arrogant math teacher finally ate a slice of humble pi.
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29. You know what happens after you miss math class? It starts adding up.
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30. The mathematician did not practice safe six and ended up with a binarial disease.
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stanhenge - Augusta, KS

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