Puns about Education (Math) - page 5

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41. A mountain climbing math teacher found an adder at the sum-mit.
  2.8 stars
42. The top maths student's blood type was A+.
  2.8 stars
43. What do organic mathematicians throw into their fireplaces? Natural Logs.
  2.7 stars
DZ - Everson
44. I hated being a math teacher. It was a miscalculated move.
  2.7 stars
45. A mathematician that couldn't stop adding up recently went incremental.
  2.7 stars
Sam - Stratford upon Avon
46. The math professor liked even numbers, but only the odd one.
  2.6 stars
47. A summer is a mathematician.
  2.5 stars
Joseph Leff - Florida
48. Controlling geometry teachers divide and rule.
  2.3 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
49. A teacher harshly corrected a student on a math problem. I guess he got schooled.
  2.1 stars
50. He was a great mathematician, although he did leave naught behind for his family.
  2.0 stars
WindnWater - England

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