Puns about Crime (Law Breakers)

Subcategory: Law Breakers · Execution · Law Enforcers
1. When an escaped prisoner was caught camping out in the woods it was a clear case of criminal in tent.
  4.2 stars
GerryB - Canada
2. Weight loss pills stolen this morning - police say suspects are still at large.
  4.0 stars
3. Did you hear about the crime that happened in a parking garage? It was wrong on so many levels.
  4.0 stars
Eddie Punster - United States
4. Where do you imprison a skeleton? In a rib cage.
  3.9 stars
5. Money launderers are filthy rich!
  3.9 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
6. I never liked befriending assassins. They're all backstabbers.
  3.8 stars
7. How did Mister Nucleus escape from prison? Through the cell wall.
  3.7 stars
Mirak - Pakistan
8. Obituaries of those hanged in the old west used to be posted in the noose paper.
  3.6 stars
Toycoon - Skokie
9. Lifelong counterfeiters never make any real money.
  3.6 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
10. I got arrested at the Farmers Market for disturbing the peas.
  3.5 stars
Dr. Dirt - AK/NV

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