Puns about Crime (Law Breakers) - page 5

Subcategory: Law Breakers · Execution · Law Enforcers
41. I saw this bloke walking into court and he was carrying a large box, 10 minutes later he came out, it was a briefcase.
  2.7 stars
Jack Merry - Leicester
42. He was worried he would get a parking ticket. It was a case of mind over meter.
  2.7 stars
ben - London
43. Moonshine is distilled in the still of the night to escape detection?
  2.5 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
44. When the inept actor tried to steal a farmer's omelet with greens, the ham was collard in short order.
  2.4 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
45. The mass murderer was always grumpy. He was a surly ol' killer.
  2.4 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
46. Sainthood is a gangster who truly repented.
  2.3 stars
Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
47. He sold a batch of release spray to someone in jail but it was just a silly-con.
  2.2 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
48. She said she never sat for the artist. The fact she is now being portrayed as a painted lady is a frame-up.
  2.2 stars
Michael - Athens Greece
49. The doorway was crushed when the transom was taken for ransom.
  1.8 stars
Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country
50. They are showing 'The Green Mile' at the big house today. It's a conflict.
  1.6 stars
Neil Williams - Sacramento, CA

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