Puns about Nature (Plants) - page 2

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11. Mr. Mushroom could never understand why he wasn't looked on as a real fun guy.
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Anon - Ontario, Canada
12. What do you call a sour orange that was late to school? Tarty!
  3.4 stars
Sammi - Arizona
13. The tree that was creating energy was turned into a power-plant.
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14. If we canteloup lettuce marry!
  3.4 stars
15. What kind of tree grows on your hand? A palm tree.
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16. I saw something similar to moss the other day, but I didn't know what to lichen it to.
  3.3 stars
Nick_em - Melbourne
17. When the plums dry on your tree, it's time to prune.
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18. In some conifer forests, you can't cedar wood for the trees.
  3.3 stars
Scr817 - Woking, England
19. After a cold winter, will deciduous trees be releaved?
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20. Making fun of a tree is a knock on wood.
  3.3 stars
Yehuda Hamer - Boredimore, Merryland

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