Puns about Nature (Plants) - page 3

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21. I've planted part of a riding whip. I'm hoping for a nice crop.
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Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country
22. To termites, a group of dead trees is an arbor eat'um.
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23. The apple crossed the street because he wanted to get to the other cider the road.
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24. The forest had burned down, but now it's back by poplar demand.
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Bob - Corvallis, OR
25. Scarecrows are always garden their patch.
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26. What fruit makes for classy counter tops? Pomegranite.
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David - Colorado
27. The young pine sapling was admonished by his father. Apparently he'd been knotty.
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Rick - Louisville, KY
28. What did one plant say to another? What's stomata?
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29. A lot of trees were dying, but they needed to figure out the root of the problem.
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30. When vegetables want to converse with petunias, they use a cell phone and cauliflower.
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