Puns about Nature (Animals) - page 3

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21. When the goose hit Dracula like a feather duster it was soon down for the Count.
  2.9 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
22. The best mathematicians amongst the snake family: the adders.
  2.9 stars
RJS - New Zealand
23. Wow, those slugs are tough as snails!
  2.8 stars
reif - hawaii
24. Why do grizzlies never look sad? Because whenever there's a problem, they just grin and bear it.
  2.7 stars
25. The animal shelter reports having received far fewer dogs this year. 'In fact,' says the shelter's director, 'this represents a mastiff reduction.'
  2.6 stars
GerryB - Canada
26. Why was the eagle in handcuffs? The police thought he was a flight risk!
  2.6 stars
27. Where do bulls exchange their messages? On a bulletin board.
  2.6 stars
28. My pot belly pig was running and slipped on ice. Wound up injuring a hamstring.
  2.6 stars
Toycoon - Skokie
29. My cat was scared by a dog once, she was petrified.
  2.5 stars
30. Two lambs are in a meadow. Which one frequents a casino? The one that's gambolling.
  2.5 stars

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