Puns about Nature (Chickens)

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1. I started a business breeding chickens, but I'm struggling to make hens meet.
  3.8 stars
RB - Norfolk, VA
2. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
  3.7 stars
3. The chickens were distraught when the tornado destroyed their home. Hopefully they will be able to recoup.
  3.7 stars
4. The chicken went to the middle of the road. She was going to lay it on the line.
  3.3 stars
5. The chicken crossed the playground to get to the other slide.
  3.1 stars
6. The farmer gave his chickens a bushel of feed, but they only took a peck.
  3.0 stars
7. The first duck wouldn't go in the water. The other duck said "What are you, chicken?".
  3.0 stars
8. My hens are in cages stacked one above the other - that is why they are called layers.
  2.9 stars
RJS - New Zealand
9. Where there are many chickens you can find layers of eggs.
  2.7 stars
10. How would you characterize really awful chicken rhymes? Paltry poultry poetry.
  2.7 stars
SkipVought - Benbrook

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