Puns about Transport (On the Sea) - page 3

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21. The meat truck took a long time to deliver because of the Jerky ride.
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22. Submarine commanders like to submerge themselves in their work.
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23. A sea captain navigating through a narrow channel was in dire straits.
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24. When traveling in the Bermuda Triangle look danger square in the eye, avoid falling into the dreaded Trapezoid and that graveyard of the sea, the Wrecktangle.
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JA - Houston
25. The stern pirate captain's policy of forcing the worst members of his crew to walk the plank went swimmingly.
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JA - Houston
26. The Vikings landed during thunder and lightning and took the city by storm.
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27. The admiral's motto was, 'Do it schooner, not later!'
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Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
28. Sailing is like oil drilling because they're both crewed businesses.
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Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
29. As he approached the bridge in rush hour, his radio played The Car Strangled Spanner.
  2.9 stars
30. Getting rid of your boat for another could cause a whole raft of problems.
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