Puns about Transport (On the Sea) - page 4

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31. After a night out on the town the wine-drinking pirate captain had a port list.
  2.8 stars
JA - Houston
32. While delivering 1000 gallons of dark pigment, he almost painted, then blacked out.
  2.8 stars
33. A young sailor thought all of the waves were just swell.
  2.8 stars
34. The fisher said he liked the sea. On the surface of it.
  2.7 stars
35. The semaphore signals from the ghost ship were hard to follow, due to their flagging spirits.
  2.7 stars
kn - st paul, mn
36. The pirate captain's list was to starboard when he failed to ketch his bottle of port which fell onto the poop deck after he nearly keeled over.
  2.5 stars
JA - HoustonFfert
37. If the lengths of all planks on pirate ships are the same, is that plank's constant?
  2.4 stars
38. Chinese sailors eat junk food.
  2.4 stars
39. Ancient vessels lacked stability because there were no rudders in the days of yaw.
  2.4 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Nanuet, NY
40. If an Egyptian tried to make me sail the long way round I'd Suez canal.
  2.4 stars
Irish Limbo - Auckland

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