Puns about Transport (On the Road) - page 2

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11. A split taxi fee is fare.
  3.4 stars
Stevesw - Usa
12. I have been shopping for a trailer. Every time I think I have found a good one, there is a hitch.
  3.4 stars
SGTSnorkel - Iowa
13. Can new shock absorbers make a car easier to control? Of course - it goes without swaying!
  3.4 stars
GerryB - Canada
14. My friend and I are going to ride our bikes to a house party because I don't think we could handle bars.
  3.4 stars
Emily - Minneapolis
15. As the carburettor chuckled to the air filter, 'I guess the choke's on me!'
  3.3 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
16. What do you call a pig in a rickshaw? Pulled pork.
  3.3 stars
Hayden - Texas
17. These reversing cameras are great. Since I got one I haven't looked back.
  3.3 stars
Kiwi Kawika - Auckland
18. Quasimodo bought a Ford Focus. It became known as the hatchback of Notre Dame.
  3.3 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
19. I had a friend that collected police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. It was an estate of emergency when he died.
  3.2 stars
Pat - Boone, NC
20. If you are too busy to fix a flat tire, you need to find some spare time.
  3.2 stars
Navar - Battle Ground, WA

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