Puns about Food (Coffee) - page 3

21. If you spend too much time in the coffee shop you'll be latte for work.
  2.6 stars
22. How do you get a latte in the rain forest? Use your Amazon card.
  2.5 stars
Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country
23. If a barista is not allowed to make espresso she will lose her tamper.
  2.5 stars
Jeff - Aurora, CO
24. I went for a drink with a Matador the other day. I had a tea, he had a cafe au lait.
  2.5 stars
25. What do you call it when cafe customers complain about their coffee? A brouhaha.
  2.4 stars
Arielle - Los Angeles, CA
26. My wife is trying to lose weight but continues to frequent the coffee shops for rich beverages and delicacies. You could say she is making a moccary of her diet.
  2.4 stars
Costas Chryssafis - New Zealand

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