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21. He who talks with his mouth full is speaking ingest.
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22. Every oven in the restaurant was broken. The patrons got a raw deal.
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23. Upmarket restaurants cater to top end customers!
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Sivanandan - Sydney
24. Due to inclement weather, the sandwich shop wrapped up early Tuesday night.
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Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
25. In order to show a profit, the floundering gourmet seafood restaurant was allowed to cook its books since there is no accounting for taste.
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Dr. Pun - TX
26. He was a janitor in the restaurant. He did things under the table.
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27. A restaurant in financial trouble expanded and turned the tables.
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28. The stove cleaner was so worried about the front grill that he put everything else on the back burner.
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reif - hawaii
29. The forecast for the weather in the kitchen is chili today and hot tamale.
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30. A Cajun restaurant made all their sauce on one day for the week. The cook roux'ed the day.
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Papa Pete - Texas Hill Country

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