Puns about The Body (Head to Toe) - page 3

Subcategory: Head to Toe
21. There's no definitive way to tell if someone is completely colour-blind. There's a lot of grey area.
  3.0 stars
22. Is a group of fingerprints considered to be a whorl pool?
  3.0 stars
Adele - Bohemia, NY
23. I'm friends with my fist, although he can be quite a knuckle head.
  3.0 stars
24. People who cry a lot have a wail of a time.
  2.9 stars
Robert Rhines - Yakima, WA
25. The cardiovascular system is a work of artery, but is also really vein.
  2.9 stars
26. Are you a sleepy skeleton? Because you look bone tired.
  2.9 stars
27. Body language is self explanatory!
  2.8 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
28. His head may have been 12 inches long, but he didn't use it as a rule.
  2.7 stars
Rick - Dahlonega, GA
29. Way back when, I used to remember things by tying a string around my finger. Even then I had digital memory.
  2.7 stars
Doohickie - Fort Worth, TX
30. I hate needles, they're the vein of my existence.
  2.7 stars

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