Puns about Technology (Misc. Computer Puns) - page 2

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11. If word processing a presentation about guns -- be sure to know how to use bullets.
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12. Backups are usually a good thing unless it's a sewer.
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13. Dead languages have to be encrypted.
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14. A new computer shop has just opened up. It is located on Boot Drive.
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Maurice - Greensboro, NC
15. Computers at breakfast food companies use serial i/o.
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16. This morning, my IT guy checked on an install and I raised my empty coffee cup and said, 'Java Installed.'
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Jay Inman - Colorado Springs
17. After his computer problems he decided on a Crash course in security.
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18. Sometimes our Outlook in Life is sent but not received.
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xtree - Atlanta
19. Environmentalist: expert in computer operating systems.
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