Puns about Health (Nurses)

1. A young nurse was nervous about giving vaccinations but gave it her best shot.
  3.6 stars
2. When a hospital runs out of maternity nurses they have a mid-wife crisis.
  3.5 stars
3. In medical matters it's nurses who call the shots.
  3.2 stars
4. A surgery nurse was demoted for being absent without gauze.
  3.1 stars
5. Whenever the nurses have a bad day they just keep needling people.
  3.1 stars
punnierthanheck - Albany, NY
6. Two nurses had a lot of bad blood between them.
  3.1 stars
7. Nurses often have to check their patient's impulse without missing a beat.
  2.9 stars
8. Nurses who give shots do a great job but sometimes get paid a measle-y salary.
  2.8 stars
9. When the hospital nurse asked me if my bowels had moved, I assured her that they had come with me as I headed to the toilet.
  2.1 stars
RJS - New Zealand

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