Puns about Health (Psychiatrists)

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1. If you think you are a set of curtains, either see a psychiatrist or pull yourself together.
  3.6 stars
2. My shrink assures me that my obsession with the formalization of puns is just a 'phrase I'm going through'.
  3.5 stars
Dr. Dirt - Alaska
3. You've got more issues than Time magazine.
  3.5 stars
josh - baton rouge
4. Psychiatrists and rectal doctors deal with odds and ends.
  3.4 stars
5. The middle east does not need any psychiatrists because there are nomad people.
  3.4 stars
Jordan - Suwanee GA
6. A patient came running to my psychiatry office screaming "I'm a teepee! I'm a wigwam!" I told him "Relax, you're two tents".
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7. The psychiatrist told the genie his emotions were all bottled up.
  3.3 stars
8. If you get a fruit basket from your psychiatrist it will probably be shrink-wrapped.
  3.3 stars
9. A psychiatrist on a hike fell into a depression.
  3.2 stars
10. Psychiatrists like Kentucky Freud Chicken.
  3.0 stars

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