Puns about Business (Buying and Selling)

Subcategory: Stores · Buying and Selling · Trading and Currency · Banking and Finance
1. If there was someone selling drugs in this place, weed know.
  4.1 stars
nkabc5 - EL Centro CA
2. When you purchase stuff south of the border, you don't Peso much.
  3.8 stars
thull - Arizona
3. I bought a ton of staples and pushpins all for $3.99, plus tacks.
  3.8 stars
Mylin - NJ
4. I ordered that a vault and speakers be delivered at my home yesterday. They arrived safe and sound.
  3.8 stars
Obscvrvx - Cyprus, Turkey
5. Shopaholics never die, they just sale away.
  3.7 stars
Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
6. The drug dealer added sugar to his marijuana to sweeten the pot.
  3.6 stars
Adele - Bohemia, NY
7. Buying a new toilet was a big expense for me, so I decided to sit on it for a while.
  3.6 stars
RJS - New Zealand
8. The price of the big fan blew me away.
  3.6 stars
9. An auctioneer often looks forbidding.
  3.5 stars
10. With certain cashiers, things are slow to register.
  3.4 stars

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