Puns about Business (Buying and Selling) - page 2

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11. When you buy a cork board, do you pay thumb tax?
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Adrian Drake - Pennsylvania, USA
12. Straw hats are no longer in their hay day.
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13. I took a chance on a used food processor, but no dice.
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14. When I heard she bought me a new CD, it was music to my ears.
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15. He stayed at the auction to the bidder end.
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16. I used to be afraid of purchasing residential property for the purpose of renting, but now I have an apartment complex.
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Kathy - Nashville, TN
17. I went to buy some property with a hill on it, but it was a little steep.
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18. I got a great bargain the other day when I bought a forklift for half-price. It's amazing what you can pick up these days.
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Anon - Ireland
19. When buying a lamp a shady deal usually takes place.
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20. I tried to sell the antique string instrument cause I needed the lute.
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SGTSnorkel - Iowa

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