Puns about Business (Trading and Currency) - page 5

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41. The political calculus of integrating financial derivatives is not going to yield much.
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42. A primitive tribe known as the Inno had no money - until they reached the age of Inno cents.
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43. The stock market crashes, but Viagra beats the flop.
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jar'o'war - nz
44. My friend said, 'There's a lot of gold in those hills.' I replied, 'That's a load of bullion.'.
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Anon - PA
45. If you need to count your pennies you are definitely looking for a disc-count.
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46. You will find leather in the middle of a bull market.
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47. You're good with money? You must come from good stock.
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Ryan - Oregon
48. Stocks and bonds really hold people down.
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49. When a shipment of large fruit was delivered by boat to the warehouse, it was the first water mailin'.
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rb - Norfolk, VA
50. In times like these the value of Chinese currency should make Americans pay attention. Instead, too many of us just yuan.
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JA - Houston

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