Puns about Business (Banking and Finance)

Subcategory: Stores · Buying and Selling · Trading and Currency · Banking and Finance
1. I once got into so much debt that I couldn't even afford my electricity bills, they were the darkest times of my life.
  4.1 stars
Jack Merry - Leicester
2. I used to be a banker but I lost interest
  4.1 stars
3. I had an account with a bank in the North Pole, but they froze all my assets.
  3.7 stars
K Singh - Coventry, UK
4. A bank manager without anyone around may find themself a-loan.
  3.6 stars
5. Irresponsible financiers must be discredited.
  3.6 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
6. Cost of living balloons due to high inflation!
  3.5 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
7. Two banks with different rates have a conflict of interest.
  3.5 stars
8. During an earthquake in California a bank went into default.
  3.5 stars
JA - Houston
9. When I asked if I could get insurance if the nearby volcano erupted they assured me I would be covered.
  3.5 stars
JA - Houston
10. Whenever I go near my bank I get withdrawal symptoms.
  3.4 stars

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