Puns about Business (Banking and Finance) - page 2

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11. After the bank was robbed, the owner bought cows to beef up the security.
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12. If you have to pay to go to the river, we'd better stop at the bank.
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13. Why are hermits always penniless? Because they are loaners.
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stevesw - usa
14. Interest has such accrual way of accumulating.
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Irish Limbo - Auckland
15. The barber opened up a shavings account.
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Adele - Bohemia, NY
16. The fine print is usually a clause for suspicion.
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17. One night a banking tycoon fell overboard from his yacht. He was saved because he could float a loan.
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Ryan - Colby, Kansas
18. Bankers might have their own interest at heart when discussing alone with you.
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19. Some bankers are generous to a vault.
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20. When the CEO dropped his brownie on the calculator, was he trying to fudge the numbers?
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reif - hawaii

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