Puns about Business (Banking and Finance) - page 4

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31. A person who would make a banking joke is of no account.
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32. Why are all businessmen fat? Must be all the inflation.
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33. The miser wasn't able to stop on a dime.
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34. A personal financial dilemma is known as a bill pickle.
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35. In business reaching higher is good unless it's a bank teller during a stickup.
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36. When accountants are left a loan they become very debticated.
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37. An accountant at a coffee company is known as a bean counter.
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38. The winds of change are raining coins of copper gold and silver.
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39. The element didn't want to get bonded to its partner. The reason was because it would have to pay compound interest.
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40. An irate loanshark owed money by John Stone proved that you Can get blood out of a stone.
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