Puns about People (Families) - page 3

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21. What is the name of the immortal adolescent? Constantine!
  3.0 stars
Mason - Chappell NE
22. My cousin has a callus on only one foot. Does that make her a unicorn?
  3.0 stars
Tmacky900 - Kzoo
23. The ghost never took sides during arguments. He was super neutral.
  2.9 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa
24. I knew my wife was pregnant when she looked at me with fertilize.
  2.9 stars
Toycoon - Skokie, IL
25. When I was starving to death, my children gave me a raisin to keep on living.
  2.9 stars
Laurence - Woodridge, IL
26. He was buried yesterday, and was deeply moved by the experience.
  2.8 stars
GerryB - Canada
27. Some doting parents are son worshipers.
  2.8 stars
Joseph Leff - Florida
28. Can a well-rounded individual become flattered?
  2.8 stars
29. It's a clumsy reflection of yourself when you break a mirror.
  2.8 stars
Raj Naidoo - South Africa
30. The wise old man is long in the truth.
  2.8 stars
kn - st paul, mn

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