Puns about People (Love and Marriage) - page 2

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11. Instead of engaging in my own hobbies, my wife has me constantly helping her in her garden. I guess you could say I am pistil whipped.
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Toycoon - Skokie
12. Two fonts, Arial and Calibri, were in the midst of a bad breakup. Calibri said, 'I'm sorry, you're personality is too bold.' Arial responded, 'You're just not my type...'
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DZ - Everson
13. Rejection is all about who you no.
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14. I have a high fidelity phone - it can only call my wife's number.
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Irish Limbo - Auckland
15. Pre-arranged marriages pre-pair people for the future.
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16. I support both of my wives very well. I think that's big o' me.
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SGT Snorkel - Iowa
17. His wife asked him to remove a picture from over the fireplace. It was an off-the-wall remark.
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18. I don't recommend dating bridge builders, they have truss issues.
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lswendse - Honolulu, HI
19. When a psychic showed me the girl I'll marry, it was love at second sight.
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20. A husband and wife argued over the weather, but it soon blew over.
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