Puns about People (Politicians) - page 5

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41. The two people on the liquor license board called all the double shots.
  2.8 stars
42. The leader of the sauce council is the mayor naise.
  2.6 stars
naz - London
43. Are Philosophy papers graded with Marx out of ten?
  2.6 stars
Bioboy - Shoreham-by-Sea, England
44. Why do all Marxists drink imitation tea? Because all proper tea is theft.
  2.6 stars
kevin - sussex England
45. One, who is smart enough to draw attention, can easily canvass his thoughts and ideas!
  2.6 stars
Sivanandan - Sydney
46. Communism is a complicated thing. You must think about from all sorts of Engels.
  2.5 stars
PLPSam - Cheney WA
47. Worried about smog? Politicians aren't breathing easy yet.
  2.5 stars
48. I heard about this new governing document that says people can only go to the bathroom one per day. It's called the Constipation.
  2.4 stars
49. If the current leader's head was added to Mount Rushmore using cement, that would be setting a precedent.
  2.2 stars
Owen McMahon - New Zealand
50. Caesar thought it would be smart to walk through the forum one evening. Beware the ideas of March.
  2.1 stars
SGT Snorkel - Iowa

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