Puns about People (Occupations) - page 2

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11. Forklift operators do not care for puns - they find them unpalletable.
  3.5 stars
Dylan - Saint Helens, Oregon
12. A doctor who became a bartender was always giving out shots!
  3.5 stars
13. In ancient Egypt, papyrus farmers taught people the importance of reeding.
  3.5 stars
Hyla Hope Harder - Oklahoma
14. The President of the Ennui Club was chairman of the bored.
  3.5 stars
Kap'n Klystron - Newburgh, NY
15. My cartography job is really going to put me on the map.
  3.5 stars
Pete - MA
16. I had a novel idea for a new book but got in a bind so I shelved it. It's time to start a new chapter now.
  3.5 stars
veevee14 - Oregon City, OR
17. Rental agents offer quarters for dollars.
  3.5 stars
Joseph Leff - Florida
18. The overweight painter could not lose weight despite years of exposure to thinners.
  3.4 stars
RJS - New Zealand
19. Just after thimbles were invented there was a shortage, so many people got stuck without one.
  3.3 stars
RB - Norfolk, VA
20. The owner of the hair salon had to make cuts on his staff.
  3.2 stars
bill G - central nj

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