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21. The fact that he was a bad golfer was a fore-gone conclusion.
  2.7 stars
22. If you golf on election day -- cast an absent-tee ballot.
  2.6 stars
23. The sound that a golf cart makes is: 'putt..putt..putt'.
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24. A photographer taking pictures of golfers says 'watch the birdie'.
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25. A golf course is a foreground.
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Joseph Leff - Brooklyn, NY
26. Expensive golf clubs are par for the course.
  2.5 stars
27. Two fur traders once took a golfing trip together. They played a skins match.
  2.5 stars
DZ - Everson
28. A man named Jim Golf offered training on building golf courses called Golf's golf course course.
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29. I love playing golf, but when putting I can never catch a break.
  2.3 stars
Kyle - St. Louis
30. Golfers in Canada approach the lynx carefully.
  2.3 stars
stevesw - usa

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