Puns about Sport & Entertainment (Sports)

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1. I lift weights only on Saturday and Sunday because Monday to Friday are weak days.
  4.0 stars
2. Since I've quit soccer, I've lost my goal in life.
  4.0 stars
Bronco - Netherlands
3. My skiing skills are really going downhill.
  3.8 stars
4. I'm competing for that stair climbing competition. Guess I better step up my game.
  3.7 stars
Hadrian Kwong - Hong Kong
5. I know a lot of jokes about bad pole-vaulters, but none of them seem to go over very well.
  3.7 stars
Black Dragon - New Hampshire
6. William Tell and his family used to be league bowlers - but now that the records have been lost, it is difficult to determine for whom the Tells bowled.
  3.6 stars
rb - Norfolk, VA
7. I think there are about 1-2 million baseball fields in the world, but that's just a ballpark number.
  3.6 stars
reif - hawaii
8. After hours of waiting for the bowling alley to open, we finally got the ball rolling.
  3.5 stars
Mylin - NJ
9. What exercises does a Zombie do? Deadlifts.
  3.5 stars
Darkwingdave - Kitsap, WA
10. He crashed while rowing his boat and suffered a broken scull.
  3.4 stars
Carpun Diem - Houston, Texas

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