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Listing puns for Anon

1. Oil executives are always using crude language. 3.3 stars
2. Working in the bakery left her with a loathe of bread. 3.1 stars
3. Could another name for a tire factory be a tread mill? 3.5 stars
4. Even though he contributes either the X or Y chromosome, when a father chooses the sex of his child it's just a sperm of the moment decision. 2.8 stars
5. Why can't we let evil people have flutes? Because then the terrorists woodwind. 3.2 stars
6. We are all speaking American. Is this a country diction in terms? 2.3 stars
7. What did the minister say to the underdressed layman? "No shoes, no shirt, no service" 2.7 stars
8. The prisoner had a very short sentence. He was a contemporary. 2.7 stars
9. I got a great bargain the other day when I bought a forklift for half-price. It's amazing what you can pick up these days. 3.2 stars
10. My friend said, 'There's a lot of gold in those hills.' I replied, 'That's a load of bullion.'. 2.5 stars
11. Choosing to use either bark or rocks in the garden can be a tu-mulch-uous decision. 2.8 stars
12. Mr. Mushroom could never understand why he wasn't looked on as a real fun guy. 3.4 stars
13. The leech applied for the art position because he was good at drawing blood. 3.2 stars