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1. Wire electrical jobs so fun? 3.0 stars
2. Nuts are so expensive these days. Nearly cost you an almond a leg. 3.3 stars
3. My job at the concrete plant seems to get harder and harder. 4.0 stars
4. The phone call interrupted my nap, and I never did get the rest. 3.0 stars
5. Deafness is getting to be quite a problem for me lately. I never thought I'd hear myself say that. 3.8 stars
6. You can call-Esther-all the names you want, but it will still be in vein. 2.3 stars
7. Making a torte is a piece of cake. 3.1 stars
8. One minute I'm sure I want to buy a motorbike, the next minute I'm sure I don't want to. It's a vicious cycle. 3.1 stars
9. The cosmetic student was sick on the day of the final exam. Now she has to take a Make Up exam. 3.3 stars
10. A soldier is someone who stands in formation to receive information. 2.5 stars