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1. A cosmetics company had to recall its vanishing cream when many of the women using it were reported missing. 2.6 stars
2. The animal shelter reports having received far fewer dogs this year. 'In fact,' says the shelter's director, 'this represents a mastiff reduction.' 2.6 stars
3. I listen to the radio with such frequency that my ear Hertz. 3.5 stars
4. The floor was so dusty that it seemed to be suffering from sweep deprivation. 3.8 stars
5. A painter's masterpiece is his claim to frame. 3.1 stars
6. So many people buy their groceries at the market on the corner that it seems to have a corner on the market. 2.2 stars
7. Some say I eat so much fruit that I must be going bananas, while others think I'm already plum crazy. I respond to those people by giving them the raspberry. 3.0 stars
8. The recent development of synthetic meat is silly - why reinvent the veal? 2.9 stars
9. People are always telling me to keep my nose to the grindstone, but I'm afraid that will cause me to lose face. 3.2 stars
10. It's OK to borrow a book from the public library once in a while, but try not to overdue it. 3.9 stars
11. When an escaped prisoner was caught camping out in the woods it was a clear case of criminal in tent. 3.9 stars
12. Due to the cabbage crop failure it was really hard to get ahead! 3.6 stars
13. The workers at the lumber mill went on strike, putting plywood production into suspended lamination. 2.7 stars
14. Have you heard about the big snowstorm? It's flake news! 2.8 stars
15. The storm chaser was so fascinated by tornadoes that he tended to get carried away. 3.7 stars
16. For a holistic diet, eat lots of Swiss cheese. 3.2 stars
17. In the vinyl analysis, plastic waste in the ocean poses a serious threat to marine life. 1.7 stars
18. Can new shock absorbers make a car easier to control? Of course - it goes without swaying! 3.4 stars
19. Suitable advertising slogan for a fish packing plant: 'Yes, we can!' 3.3 stars
20. He was buried yesterday, and was deeply moved by the experience. 2.8 stars
21. Hospitals are I.V. league institutions. 3.8 stars
22. Learning how to bake a cake is easy - it's just mind over batter. 3.3 stars