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Listing puns for Irish Limbo

1. Helicopter rescue pilots have the most successful pick-up lines. 3.2 stars
2. Careless stair dancers are heading for a heavy landing. 2.4 stars
3. Interest has such accrual way of accumulating. 3.2 stars
4. With circular arguments the possibilities are endless. 3.6 stars
5. The royal pharmacist wore a tuxedo and dispensed with formalities. 3.3 stars
6. I got a gold filling and put my money where my mouth is. 3.4 stars
7. You want to clone yourself? Now wouldn't that be just like you! 3.7 stars
8. I'm not happy with this Origami clothing. It always looks creased no matter how carefully I fold it. 3.0 stars
9. It's a lengthy article on Japanese Sword Fighters but I can Samurais it for you. 4.0 stars
10. The cannibal hitman preferred take out food. 3.1 stars
11. Losing your head in an emergency is a no brainer. 3.1 stars
12. My famous bacon soup recipe began as an add hock meal. 3.5 stars
13. Weight loss mantra? Fat chants! 4.0 stars
14. The aspiring limbo dancer overcame his fear of crowded bars, becoming a significant underachiever. 3.0 stars
15. Mooning is lunacy. 3.7 stars
16. If you invite an insomniac to your pajama party they will be up for it. 3.3 stars
17. Smaller babies may be delivered by stork but the heavier ones need a crane. 4.0 stars
18. Cloning is a nil conceived idea. 2.8 stars
19. His lofty eye deal was to provide free contact lenses for Giraffes. 2.6 stars
20. Mummies are bound to be uptight. 3.8 stars
21. He learned a new Tantric at the sun clinic. 1.9 stars
22. Outsourcing my favourite ketchup can not have been easy. 1.6 stars
23. If an Egyptian tried to make me sail the long way round I'd Suez canal. 2.4 stars
24. The seed company turfed out my idea for ready made lawn. 2.3 stars
25. Prosecution of the faulty limpet mine manufacturer began but the charges just wouldn't stick. 2.6 stars
26. New legislation forbids anyone but Santa's family dressing up as him, and you must be named in the related clauses. 3.1 stars
27. The Hobbits were put in charge of collecting highway revenue because they're just so Tolkien. 2.7 stars
28. To insure his own survival, Bugs was aiming to see Elmer between two cross hares. 3.3 stars
29. Einstein developed a theory about space, and it was about time too. 4.0 stars
30. When I'm feeling tired at work I just use my smart phone to download a nap. 3.4 stars
31. The other truck drivers discovered that he had been wearing French perfume - it was lorry hell. 2.3 stars
32. Hannibal crossed the Alps because it was safer than crossing the elephants. 2.8 stars
33. If the movie hero of the Matrix was a woman, would she have been called Ingrid? 2.9 stars
34. I have a high fidelity phone - it can only call my wife's number. 3.5 stars
35. My vacuum flask is hopeless and it's a top of the range model - that's the only place it will keep anything warm. 1.9 stars
36. Ducks don't have their palms read - they look for it on the web. 3.3 stars
37. Did you hear about the owl that fell for twin comedians and had two wits to woo? 1.9 stars
38. Contemplating my imminent root canal procedure was deeply unnerving. 3.6 stars
39. If a Greek deity tried on your jacket it would be Titan uncomfortable. 3.2 stars
40. He was teed off with his bad start, driving the ball almost beyond the green, but he was able to putt it behind him. 3.3 stars
41. I might study something at a university that someone once told me about - there is a degree of ambiguity there. 2.6 stars
42. Since her kind gift of a lemon cake I rate her as one of Madeira friends. 2.2 stars
43. Swine were the most influential animal of the last decade. 2.3 stars
44. Your golf addiction is driving a wedge between us. 3.6 stars
45. The luminescent Pelican triggered an air defense alert of glow bill proportions. 2.8 stars
46. The Origami classes saw stationery costs increase twofold. 3.6 stars
47. I practice debating in the mirror but I always come across as one-sided and two-faced. 3.5 stars
48. A prefix is what a man does just before his wife has a word with a tradesperson. 2.8 stars
49. Archimedes set out to invent a water pump and screwed it up. 3.2 stars
50. Is fear of sliced bacon irrational? 2.0 stars
51. An hobbituary to Tolkien appeared in each of the major newspapers, all had a familiar ring to them. 3.4 stars
52. My neighbor's sprinkler is a constant irrigation to me. 3.1 stars
53. The indecisive rower couldn't choose either oar. 3.8 stars
54. Mine safety is riddled with legal pitfalls. 2.7 stars
55. The marine glue manufacturer's plans came unstuck and ended in insolvency. 2.6 stars
56. You can rely on high divers because of their deep end ability. 3.1 stars
57. He's a Freud of psychoanalysis. 2.7 stars
58. Abstinence leaves a lot to be desired. 3.6 stars
59. When asked to picture the perfect modern defensive weapon the Claymore springs to mine. 2.9 stars
60. Does Santa take his sleigh to his magic class or does he take a luge in? 2.0 stars
61. Each time I tried shooting blindfolded I found it an aimless pursuit. 3.4 stars
62. Laparoscopy shows insight. 2.9 stars
63. I had tried passing myself off as my twin but I couldn't live with myself. 3.3 stars
64. I believe I will be able to run my car on politicians promises but I'm having trouble with the fool injection system. 3.0 stars
65. I aspire to be a Steeplejack. 2.9 stars
66. Young horses need a stable environment where they are free to foal up and be reined in before they come to serious harm. 3.0 stars
67. The average ghost is mean spirited. 3.2 stars
68. It's amazing what two or more sinners can achieve together with synergy. 2.8 stars
69. The agreeable tennis umpire was generous to a fault. 3.3 stars
70. Semaphore was flagged away as a form of communication decades ago. 2.2 stars
71. A second chimney is superfluous. 3.1 stars
72. The recycled cartridge business certainly lowered the toner the neighborhood. 2.2 stars
73. I'm inclined to be laid back. 3.8 stars
74. Michelangelo's David is superior to postmodern sculpture - it's an artifact. 2.9 stars
75. While I was repulsed by CPR I didn't have the heart to tell the medic. 3.1 stars
76. He made a slow start in the sport of weightlifting but he picked it up eventually. 3.5 stars
77. Smoking may have ruined my lungs but my fingers are match fit. 1.9 stars
78. They tore strips off my dog before kicking him off that logging ship. He was disembarked. 2.1 stars