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1. The company's performance was so abysmal that it quickly became the joke of Wall Street: a laughing-stock. 3.6 stars
2. What do you call a tunnel engineer who always talks about his business? A bore. 3.0 stars
3. The patient asked the doctor, "Will the jab hurt?" He replied, "Needless to say, no." 2.2 stars
4. Why did the man stand on a clock? He really wanted to be on time. 3.4 stars
5. What did the sock puppet say to the sock? Looks like you could use a hand. 3.6 stars
6. The man was having trouble understanding darts, so his friend explained some of the finer points. 3.4 stars
7. The decision to begin construction on the Empire State Building was a groundbreaking historical event. 2.7 stars