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Listing puns for Otis Campbell

1. I was sick of his pointless stories, so I took an anecdote. 3.1 stars
2. I want to start a business selling artificial leather. I just need to know what a nauga is and how do I get its hide? 2.9 stars
3. Midas took very good care of his pet deer. He had a hart of gold. 3.0 stars
4. How did the policeman catch the grave robber? He crypt up on him. 3.7 stars
5. I tried to mine diamonds but all I found was chalcedony, I'm sard to say. 1.6 stars
6. My music history professor said that Sisyphus invented rock and roll. 2.4 stars
7. I owned two racetracks but I rented them to others. I was the lessor of two ovals. 3.1 stars
8. I didn't work 40 hours a week at the medical marijuana store. I was a pot time worker. 2.9 stars
9. When the famous napper died his tombstone read R.I.P. Van Winkle. 2.7 stars