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Listing puns for Otis Campbell

1. I use yeast most of the time when I am baking, and I always use it on the ryes. 3.0 stars
2. The drunk didn't mingle at the party. He just sot in the corner. 3.0 stars
3. He made his fortune selling Persian carpets. It was a rugs to riches story. 3.0 stars
4. The two werewolves bayed each other goodbye. 3.0 stars
5. My friend won't leave California despite the earthquake risk. He is loyal to a fault. 3.0 stars
6. Brutus was at a buffet. When he took a roll, Julius Caesar said, 'Eat two, Brute.' 3.0 stars
7. The coffee the Jedi knight served me wasn't hot enough. It was Lukewarm. 2.8 stars
8. I had to borrow money for my wedding garb. The only two things in life that are certain are debt and tuxes. 2.7 stars
9. Every Christmas I would look for sooty footprints near our fireplace. I was looking for Santa clues. 3.1 stars
10. The horn player is sick. He has coronet virus. 2.3 stars
11. The bowling alley was robbed? They can't pin that on me. 3.2 stars
12. The escaped inmates tried to fly to freedom. They were caught because they left contrails. 3.2 stars
13. Luke Skywalker did a lot of fighting on the breakwater. After all, he was a jetty knight. 2.4 stars
14. In a lesser known sequel by Jack London, Buck joins a pack of vegetarians wolves. It is called 'Kale of the Wild.' 2.8 stars
15. When the drug dealers got divorced, they agreed to joint custody. 3.5 stars
16. I borrowed money to attend school in the South. Now I owe Miss. 1.8 stars
17. I hated going to evening church services as a child, but my dad said, 'Don't compline.' 2.0 stars
18. I was sick of his pointless stories, so I took an anecdote. 3.1 stars
19. I want to start a business selling artificial leather. I just need to know what a nauga is and how do I get its hide? 2.9 stars
20. Midas took very good care of his pet deer. He had a hart of gold. 3.0 stars
21. How did the policeman catch the grave robber? He crypt up on him. 3.7 stars
22. I tried to mine diamonds but all I found was chalcedony, I'm sard to say. 1.6 stars
23. My music history professor said that Sisyphus invented rock and roll. 2.4 stars
24. I owned two racetracks but I rented them to others. I was the lessor of two ovals. 3.1 stars
25. I didn't work 40 hours a week at the medical marijuana store. I was a pot time worker. 2.9 stars
26. When the famous napper died his tombstone read R.I.P. Van Winkle. 2.7 stars