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Listing puns for Papa Pete

1. Knitters always have a skein scheme. 1.3 stars
2. How do you get a latte in the rain forest? Use your Amazon card. 2.5 stars
3. Photos used to sell rice are usually grainy. 2.7 stars
4. Time is important to fullbacks. They are always rushing. 2.8 stars
5. When they used bleach to clear a dark, wet corner, they broke the mold. 1.9 stars
6. What sounds last call? A barbell. 3.6 stars
7. What is the most non-confrontational age of kids? When they benign. 2.7 stars
8. They just found a sword swallower dead. The police suspect it's an inside job. 3.8 stars
9. Hanging out with skyscraper builders is so boring! It's story after story. 3.6 stars
10. What kind of bats like to hang from ropes? Acrobats. 3.4 stars
11. Learning to walk in high heels will keep you on your toes. 3.4 stars
12. Can a Free-Range chicken be cooked on a stove you bought? 2.7 stars
13. Ambidextrose: An IV in both arms. 2.8 stars
14. The doorway was crushed when the transom was taken for ransom. 1.8 stars
15. Ducks are often surprised and caught flat-footed. 2.7 stars
16. My dentist is sneaky. He pulled a fast one! 2.9 stars
17. I tried to finish the leftovers, but ... foiled again. 3.3 stars
18. They say it's easy to get your mind around introspection. 2.0 stars
19. He was so skinny, his shoulder-blade kept cutting his shirts. 2.6 stars
20. Dermatologists are very competitive. They all have skin in the game. 2.7 stars
21. Things can go either way at a kissing gate. 2.0 stars
22. A silk tie can make a winsome Windsor. 2.3 stars
23. Tying up a circle may take a lot of chords. 2.3 stars
24. The author's lawyer defended her rights in the book case. 2.8 stars
25. I've planted part of a riding whip. I'm hoping for a nice crop. 3.2 stars
26. The movie about the mobile home was advertised with a trailer. 3.8 stars
27. Automatic machines that compete in sculling are rowbots. 2.5 stars
28. Set your drink on a skateboard, they make good coasters. 3.0 stars
29. Some people take beautiful pictures and cut them into pieces. That's a puzzle to me. 3.5 stars
30. A Cajun restaurant made all their sauce on one day for the week. The cook roux'ed the day. 2.8 stars