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1. How did Pavlov win a Nobel prize? 2.6 stars
2. When I lived on the coast I consulted the tide charts every day. I liked to keep up on current events. 3.8 stars
3. I love hot dogs. Does that make me a frankophile? 2.3 stars
4. After a day of pillaging, the Mongol ruler liked to relax with an ice cream Khan. 2.4 stars
5. Thor was arguing with the trickster god. He said, 'Now Loki here...'. 2.4 stars
6. I am itching to solve those math problems. I just need scratch paper. 3.2 stars
7. I don't think the quarterback should have faked the throw and started to run. It was a faux pass. 2.3 stars
8. Steinbeck considered writing a novel where Adam Trask became a baker. He was going to call it 'Yeast of Eden.' 2.6 stars
9. I thought becoming a real estate agent would be easy, but I had a lot to learn. 2.9 stars
10. I have a very old tire gauge. It is a family air-loom. 2.7 stars
11. I like all track and field events but I really get a charge out of the pole volt. 2.4 stars
12. If Prince William visits the Alps, is he on a scion vacation? 1.5 stars
13. I tried to sell the antique string instrument cause I needed the lute. 3.2 stars
14. If crop circles are real, does this mean that aliens have designs for our planet? 2.8 stars
15. The hair stylist was busy. She had a lot on her plait. 3.1 stars
16. My son asked me if I would leave him money after I died. I said, 'I probably will.' 3.2 stars
17. What did the narcotics agent say when he arrested the tailor? 'You're basted.' 1.7 stars