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1. If you're being bothered by a profiterole, all you have to do is choux it away. 1.7 stars
2. I'm just off to see my shrink - hope to be back shortly! 2.8 stars
3. I like the latest horror movie so much that I've arranged a private screaming. 3.4 stars
4. Topiary is at the cutting edge of garden design. 3.2 stars
5. An electrician claimed that his truck was a volts wagon. 3.6 stars
6. I've made up my mind to re-lay my lawn. It was a turf decision. 2.9 stars
7. I'm always breaking into song - I can never find the right key! 3.4 stars
8. With hindsight, I wouldn't have sat on that drawing pin. 3.3 stars
9. To run an electrical shop, you need a volting ambition to take charge. 2.6 stars
10. An electrician is a bright spark who knows what's watt. 3.7 stars
11. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery. 3.8 stars