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1. What does a spy do in the rain? He goes undercover. 4.0 stars
2. A man just assaulted me with milk, cream and butter. How dairy. 4.1 stars
3. The race dogs got a bad case of the fleas - they had to be scratched. 3.3 stars
4. If you need something done, call an electrician - they conduit. 3.4 stars
5. Dorothy's dog, of the Wizard of Oz fame, always eats his food entirely - he never leaves any scraps because it's in toto. 1.8 stars
6. The thought of having no alternative to soap never washed with the inventor of shower gel. 2.7 stars
7. Claribell was so allergic to natural fibres that he had to make his clown suit entirely out of polyjester. 2.5 stars
8. Sick fish go to the sturgeon. 3.0 stars