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1. A search party was launched, in the dark, for the missing girl. There were quite a mixture of helpers but one boy in particular carried a torch for her. 2.6 stars
2. I know road rage is an awful thing but when someone bumped my car I just couldn't help it. I got out my camera and snapped at the offender. 2.6 stars
3. Advert for viewing a garden - 'No entrance charge - Comfrey'. 2.3 stars
4. The best place for a mathematician is behind a counter. 3.3 stars
5. Have you heard about the sheep who worked in a fish and chip shop? One was a battering ram. 2.9 stars
6. In the office she was frantically looking for her false nails only to discover she had filed them away. 3.6 stars
7. I walked into this posh restaurant, the prices were extortionate, it was daylight snobbery. 2.5 stars