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Listing puns for figman

1. The snow removal company said they try to plow sense into people wanting to use shovels. 1.7 stars
2. After the severe storm last night people were shocked to hear from electrician that he was ready provide current events on power restoration. 2.2 stars
3. The electrician switched careers to become a tailor because he knew how to fix shorts. 3.0 stars
4. The meat market had a special on pork prices, the sign said ham me downs. 2.7 stars
5. After threading together a fishing net the angler felt mesh better about himself. 2.5 stars
6. The gourmet diner after consuming several plates of fish eggs, developed a caviar attitude about appetizers. 2.3 stars
7. The new restaurant owner was told to invite a warehouse staff for lunch because he heard they have good pallets. 2.7 stars
8. A tree arborist felt needled when asked to branch out and be limber while trimming pine forest last week. 2.7 stars
9. The rose gardener pedaled feverishly to the market last week to sell his flowers before they became a thorn in his side. 2.9 stars