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1. Groups of eels that value being friendly with one another are social morays. 2.4 stars
2. The comedian with a large store of jokes came fully quipped. 3.0 stars
3. He said I could never get an echo from his ridge, but I called his bluff. 3.2 stars
4. The semaphore signals from the ghost ship were hard to follow, due to their flagging spirits. 2.8 stars
5. Why don't miniature pumpkins go running with the bulls? They are afraid of being squashed or gourd. 2.9 stars
6. My pig developed a rash, so the veterinarian prescribed an oinkment. 3.8 stars
7. Two tropical fruits fought in a cage match - it was mango a mango. 2.6 stars
8. Learning to dance is a two-step process. 3.2 stars
9. The wise old man is long in the truth. 2.8 stars
10. Finding all possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets is not a matter of If but Venn. 3.1 stars
11. He frequently practices furtive looks to operate at peek efficiency. 3.1 stars
12. Some mathematicians are reluctant to cosine a loan. 3.3 stars
13. The store clerk lost his job, so he set up a kiosk in the mall to vend for himself. 3.6 stars
14. The swollen blood vessels in her legs were very quarrelsome - she had bellicose veins. 1.8 stars
15. I told my friend about the creative writing class I took, and she said that she had a simile experience. 3.0 stars