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1. If Hawaii was criss-crossed with many highways, some people might think of it as a road island. 3.2 stars
2. The long-shot was leading the Kentucky Derby, but not furlong. 3.4 stars
3. To keep someone from stealing your shipments of smoked salmon, secure them with lox. 3.0 stars
4. Having too many axe-like tools to do a particular job only adze to the confusion. 2.9 stars
5. The noisy fireworks display in Tibet caused a temporary Lhasa hearing. 3.1 stars
6. A cheese manufacturer located on the coastline was called Ocean Bries. 3.3 stars
7. A portrayal of dictators on film required a tsar-studded cast. 3.0 stars
8. In baseball, if you can't steal abase, then you won't make degrade. 2.4 stars
9. If you're dying to purchase cropland in Thailand, then you've baht the farm. 2.4 stars
10. She became a telephone operator because it was her calling. 3.3 stars
11. The elderly chef retired because his sage was showing. 2.6 stars
12. Correspondence citing farm machinery defects would be a Deere John letter. 3.1 stars
13. The diners were fully sated, unaware that the wurst was yet to come. 3.3 stars
14. Make no bones about it but the ulna has a humerus side to it. 3.4 stars
15. The compensation received by the Italian chef was a pretty penne. 3.0 stars
16. Someone led me to believe that graphite was discovered in Pennsylvania. 2.7 stars
17. The hole dug to bury a Latvian carpenter is known as a Riga mortise. 2.7 stars
18. If a dog was computer literate, would his bark be worse than his byte? 3.2 stars
19. The streets in the capital of Afghanistan are paved with Kabulstones. 3.2 stars
20. Don't needle a hairdresser when she's trying to stylus. 2.5 stars
21. Drinking too much of a certain potent potable may require a leave of absinthe. 3.1 stars
22. Don't swear at your hairpiece or you will have the devil toupee. 3.2 stars