Frog at the Bank

A frog is outgrowing his lily pad and decides to make some home improvements. He doesn't have the money, so he hops to the bank to borrow some.

At the bank, he takes a seat at loan officer Patricia Black's desk and explains his dilemma.

"I want to upgrade my lily pad, maybe add another window, but I don't have the cash. Can you lend me the money?"

"Maybe. What can you offer as collateral?"

"Well," says the frog. "All I have is this paperweight. You shake it up, and it snows on the little village. Cute, huh?"

"Hmm . . . I'll have to speak to my manager." She enters her manager's office.

"Mr. Bitterby, I've got a frog at my desk who wants to borrow money for lily pad improvements. But all he can offer for collateral is this glass paperweight."

Mr. Bitterby takes the paperweight, hefts it in his hand, looks at her and says, "It's a knick-knack, Patty Black, give the frog a loan."

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