Richard Lederer

Richard LedererDr. Richard Lederer (born 1938) is the author of many excellent and funny books about the English language.

Attending Haverford College (Pennsylvania, USA) as a pre-medical student, Lederer soon discovered that he was more interested in language, and switched to major in English. Going on to Harvard Law School, he discovered that he was even more interested in the language itself than in the law cases which he was reading. Finally, Lederer switched to a Master of Arts and Teaching program at Harvard, that lead to a teaching career in Concord, New Hampshire.

Later earning a Ph.D in English and Linguistics at the University of New Hampshire, Lederer was inspired to write books on language, starting with Anguished English. The popularity of this book and subsequent titles motivated him to leave his teaching position and pursue further writing and teaching opportunities.

Richard Lederer has written columns for a number of major national publications and has also appeared on many radio and television shows, including his own weekly radio show, A Way With Words on KPBS, San Diego Public Radio (California, USA).